Christmas Morning 2016: Gather or Scatter?

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I was scrolling through my Facebook this week and have seen several posts and news articles talking about whether churches were having services or not this coming Sunday. I know that Christmas lands on Sunday every couple of years, but I’ve never heard so much concern about it before, maybe I’m just noticing it.

Now personally, I would like to be in service Christmas morning, but my holiday plans don’t allow me to be in town this Sunday morning. I personally believe if you were going to gather any Sunday this should be that Sunday! But many God fearing leadersĀ I know have decided to not haveĀ services this Sunday. They’ve said that people should stay home and spend time with their families. And guess what? I don’t have a problem with that either.

Here are my thoughts:

If your church is having services and you are able to go, GO! People will take notice of you rearranging your holiday plans to attend service Christmas morning. It is a great and simple way for people to see what we believe this season is about. This is a great way for the church to be a city set on a hill, a light that is not hidden.

If your church is not having services or you are not able to go, there is still a way to be a light. The gospel calls us to be on mission, everyday, that includes Christmas. I’m sure you’ll be spending time with unbelieving friends and family. This would be a great time to share the hope you have in Christ. Now would be a great time to invite in the widows and orphans, those who might me alone on Christmas, share your food, laughs and time with those who might not have a good Christmas.

Whether or not you are attending services this Christmas is not the point friends. The point is Christ. Whether you are gathering or not gathering this Sunday, use every opportunity to point to Christ. Whether your church is gathering or scattering this Christmas morning the mission remains the same, to go and make disciples and declare the glory of Jesus.

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