What I Learned in 2016: Keep Moving


In many respects I feel like 2016 kicked my butt, I’m sure from a spiritual standpoint I’m suppose to say it humbled me, but if we want to be honest I think the former is a more honest description. In the fall of 2016 we ended our church planting journey here in Macon that we began late 2014. The reason why is not really important but the impact it had is.

If you launch out to plant, understand you will be stepping into a spiritual battle. Expect to be tested in every way. In the fall, after much exhaustion physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we stopped our core team meetings and encouraged people to worship and engage in God’s mission for Middle Georgia in other local churches.

When it was over I thought I would be fine, but what came after was me kicking myself. It’s hard not to blame yourself and feel like you failed. It’s easy to find your identity in what you do, rather than who you are in Christ. The whole situation left me in a place of confusion and not sure what to do.

I recently went back and looked at the Book of Acts when the Apostles were unsuccessful in a town, it says they wiped the dust off their feet and continued to the next city. I’m not sure if they suffered from feelings of failure, maybe, maybe not.

The last couple of months I’ve been in a place where I didn’t want to do anything really. Recently though I felt the Spirit say, “You only fail when you don’t achieve your goal.” See our aim in coming to Macon was to make disciples and we wanted to achieve that by planting a new church. But because we were not successful does not mean we still don’t have a purpose in this city.

So we have done exactly what the Apostles did, we have dusted our feet off and have kept moving. After much prayer and discussion we have joined another local church in Macon, New City Church, because we feel called to this city and want to pour our lives out for Middle Georgia. Does this mean I don’t want to plant churches, of course not. Do I feel my time right now is better spent making disciples alongside a local church that wants to make disciples, YES!

So this is my goal for 2017, to keep moving. I’m sure this isn’t the last time things won’t go the way I hoped they would. When it happens again I’ll keep moving. I’m not sure where you’ve been in the last year, but if you’re feeling beat down or you feel like you’ve failed my encouragement to you is it to keep moving. If that’s you please reach out to me HERE because I would love to hear your story and encourage you!


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