Dear Church Planter

pablo-3In my previous post I shared with you how this last fall we ended our church planting journey and what I learned from it. If you didn’t you can read that story here.  Today though I’d like to share with you some other insights I learned as I was laboring in my city.

Church Planting is not a hip trend, It is Spiritual Warfare.
If you are looking for something hip and trendy, go buy some skinny jeans and a beanie, don’t plant a church. If you are looking at leading or helping a church plant understand that you will meet spiritual and physical opposition.

Financial Support
In order to do ministry effectively you need resources. Don’t be afraid to talk about money before you begin planting. Start asking people if they will help fund your planting efforts including your core team.

Emotional Support
Planting takes a toll on your emotions. Being the lead guy doesn’t mean someone isn’t leading you. You need people who you can talk to, vent to and who can correct you.

You’re not the only Cowboy
Be respectful of other planters and leaders who are in your city. You are not the only person to show up hoping that God would do something miraculous in your city. Many of these people have been laboring in your city long before you got there. God has called you there to work together, not against each other.

Not by your strength but by His Spirit
Its easy to think your plant will do very well because of how gifted you are, but in reality gifting and talent are not enough. If you never allow yourself to be weak, you may hinder what the Holy Spirit wants to do. He will always show up and do more than you ever dreamed.

If you are thinking about planting I would encourage you to have long conversations with those who have walked and are walking that path. Making these connections will help you weather the journey that is ahead of you. And as always you can reach out to me and I would love to be an encouragement in your disciple-making journey!

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