Preach The Gospel And Use Words

If you read the Bible you’ll see that Jesus sent his disciples to preach the gospel. I’ve spent some time lately asking myself when do I preach the gospel? I mean I’ve had the privilege of preaching to various churches, but I’ve asked myself lately, do I preach the gospel during my normal 9 to 5?

I excuse my lack of gospel sharing due to not having opportunities or trying to not offend anyone. But I think we have more opportunities than we understand.

I say that because when we’re saved the Holy Spirit begins an amazing work to change us into the image of Christ. The Spirit begins to bear his fruit in our life, Galatians 5:22, and people begin to take notice of it. People look at us and ask why we act different than other people or different than we previously acted. And we usually answer them with something that has nothing to do with the gospel.

People are literally asking, “Hey, why do you have this light in your life?” or “Hey, why do you have this hope?”

When they ask why you’re so nice, tell them that God’s been so gracious to you that you want others to taste what salvation is like!

When they see that you’re patient, tell them how God has been kind and patient in dealing with you!

Everyday people are going to ask about the work of the Spirit in your life. Preach the gospel and for Heaven’s sake USE WORDS!

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