Prayer and Worship

During my 20’s, I was part of a church where worship was a big deal. We would worship for extended periods of time and sometimes this would be the only reason we would gather. There were times with no singing or music, just us being quiet before the Lord. This focus on worship just became the culture of our church. I’m 31 and to this day they have nights devoted to times like this.

Prayer was also a big deal. The church set aside an extra room as a prayer room and our pastor encouraged people to devote more time to prayer. In our early days we met for prayer before Sunday morning service, sometimes two hours before service began. I remember six months of my life where I did nothing except work and pray in that room.

Recently I made a quick trip to see my in laws at their mid week service and experienced a time of worship much like back home. There came a time towards the end where there was no singing and no instruments. It was totally silent. I can’t explain what God did in that moment because I don’t have enough space to share it, but God did something great in my heart.

It made me miss so much these times of prayer and worship. I mean yes I can pray and worship at home but there is something great about God’s people gathering to pray and worship together. There is something about the atmosphere that invites the Holy Spirit to be present and work among God’s people. What’s great about these times is there is no agenda, no plan, simply enjoying God and allowing him to minister to me. I now crave those times again. Do you?

Holy Spirit Come!

2 thoughts on “Prayer and Worship”

  1. Amen Paul! I often have similar experiences, but mostly when I’m alone. I would love for us have a service at our church that was dedicated solely for that purpose. After all, shouldn’t that be our ultimate priority?


    1. Joey thanks for commenting. Times like these are great, but it took years for our home church to cultivate an atmosphere of prayer and worship. So it definitely doesnt happen overnight.


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